PT. Wahana Tirta Milenia was established since the beginning of 2003

is a manufacturer of bottled drinking water in Batam Island, Indonesia with the trademark "Mindy, FREZON and ASMI."

Since 1st January 2015, PT WTM is acquired by TWE Singapore Pte Ltd(now HALDEN UNITED INVESTMENT Pte Ltd), a Singaporean company with various portfolio in packaged food and beverages. Ever since the takeover, PT WTM has been revitalizing many aspects in order to improve the quality and refresh Mindy brand in batam consumer's mind.

Our Commitment for quality is not to be questioned. Slowly but sure, we have replaced old production lines as well as water treatment system. Our NEW Ultrafiltration (UF) Filter technology gives a better result in filtering the water and at the same time guard the mineral content that your body needs. This is in line with our new slogan " This is the Real Mineral Water".

Our Technology

Our Vision

Being a leading manufacturer of Bottled Drinking Water in Batam and its surroundings.

Our Mission

To provide good quality and hygienic beverage products with competitive price in the market as well as delivering profitablity and returns to shareholders and values to stakeholders.

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